Building an Avant-Garde Criminological Antitheory
Charalampos M. Karagiannidis


Beyond the Drug Wars - Public Eye* Campus EN. Code: 363.45 BEY.

Black and Blue - People First*. Date 2.6.1994. Directors/Producers: Mike Wallingthon and Howard Johnson. Campus EN. Tape No.: 32542. Code: 362.20941 BLA.

Boys on B* Wing - Panorama*. Date: 1989. Producer: Franceska Kirby Green. Editor: Tim Gurdam. Campus EN. Tape No.: 18416. Code: 365.941 BOY.

Britain in the Pursuit of Pleasure - Hooked!*. Date: 29.10.1998. Reporter: Steve Humphlies. Channel 1, 23.40®-24.15®.

Colombia and the Call Cartel - The Prosecutor*. Date: 13.11.1995. Channel 4, 02.45®-03.15®.

Confronting Crime - Network First*. Date: 28.2.1995. Director: Jill Nicholls. Executive Producer: Chris Bryer. Campus EN. Type No.: 35233. Code: 364.3 CON.

Crime and Disorder - 3D*. Date: 16.7.199S. Producer: Andrew Sheldon. Editor: Helen Scott. Reporter: Julia Somerville and Chris Kiddey Campus EN. Tape No.: 55513573. Code: 364.360941 CRI.

Crime and Punishment: Just Deserts; A Cure for Crime?*. Dale: 9.6.1993. Producer: Nikki Stockley. Executive Producer: John Blake. Campus En. Tape No.: 29971 and Code: 365 JUS.

DIY Justice-Panorama*. Date: 20.5.1996. Campus EN. Tape No.: 37498 and Code: 364.43 DlY.

Drugs and the Detective - First Sight*. Dale: 21.4.1994. Producer: Stewart Lansley. Editor: Milie Flood Page. Campus EN. Tape No.: 32213. Code: 363.450941 DRU

Drugs in Prison-3D*. Date: 7.7.1991. Series Editor: Peter A. Gordon. Reporter: Julia Somerville. Campus EN. Tape No.: 3271 and Code: 365.6 THR.

Drugs Wars - A Tactical Withdrawal*. Campus EN. Code: 363.450941 DRU.

Frontline Britain - Network First*. Date: 27.2.1996. Campus EN. Tape No.: 37038. Code: 364.25 FRO.

Girl Gangs - Violent Times*. Date: 24.9.1995. Director: Mick Conefrey. Producer: Julia Harrington. Campus EN. Tape No.: 36232. Code: 303.62 BAT.

Homicide UK- World in Action*. Date: 21.2.1994. Producer: Eamon O®Connor. Executive Producer: Charles Tremayne. Campus EN. Tape No.: 31790. Code: 364.177 HOM.

Howard®s Way - Public Eye*. Date: 26.11.1993. Producer: Nick London. Editor: Peter Horrocks. Campus EN. Tape No.: 31159. Code: 365.941 HOW.

Killer Inside (AIDS) - Panorama*. Date: 30.1.1989. Reporter: Robin Desselow. Producer: Eamonn Matthews. Editor: Tim Gardam. Campus EN. Tape No.: 17175. Code: 365.60911 KIL.

No Soft Option - Friday Report*. Date: 26.1.1990. Campus EN. Tape No.: 18626. Code: 365.911 NOS.

Outsiders - Cutting Edge*. Date: 8.12.1998. Channel 4, 21.00®-22.00®.

Paying for it - Modern Times*. Date: 15.12.1998. Producer: Emma Hewitt. Series Editor: Stephen Lambert. Campus EN. Tape No.: 55523560. Code: 306.74 PAY.

Pictures of Women - Sexuality*. Date: 27.2.1984. Campus EN and Cat Hill. Writer and Presenter: Carol Smart. Production Team: Christine Pearce, Karen Alexander, Litsza Jannsz. Richard Ashford, and Sarah Montgomery. Tape No.: 11211. Code: 305.42 PIC.

Police: In for Questioning - Panorama*. Date: 5.3.1990. Producer: Mark Killick. Editor: Peter Horrocks. Campus En. Tape No.: 18869. Code: 363.20941 POL.

Policing in the 1990®s: A Call to Account? - Public Eye*. Date: 19.1.1990. Presented by Peter Taylor with Neil Bennett. Campus EN. Tape No.: 18612. Code: 363.20941 POL.

Race, Violence and the Law - Panorama*. Date: 6.12.1993. Producer: Indra de Lanerolle. Editor: Glenwyn Emerson. Reporter: Margaret Gilmore. Campus EN. Tape No.: 31241. Code: 305.800941 CRI.

Racism - DEF II*. Date: 12.1.1994. Executive Producer: Rachel Purnell. Series Producer: Nicola Moody. Campus EN. Tape No.: 31429. Code: 305.800941 RAC.

Racial Violence - Panorama*. Date: 8.4.1991. Producer: Dai Richards. Reporter: Robin Denselow. Campus EN. Tape No.: 25436. Code: 305.800941 RAC.

Rioting for Rights - Panorama*. Date: 1990. Producer: Fran O®Brien. Editor: Mark Thomson. Campus EN. Tape No.: 19179. Code: 365.641 R10.

Sex of the Streets - World in Action*. Date: 20.2.1995. Producer: Brian Blake. Editor: Steve Boulton. Campus EN. Tape No.: 35187. Code: 345.420253 SEX.

Strangeways: The Final Chapter*. Date. 6.9.1990. Campus EN. Tape No. 19375. Code: 365.641 STR.

Vice: The Sex Trade - Working Women*. Date: 16.11.1998. Director and Producer: Nigel Miller. Campus EN. Tape No.: 55521118. Code: 306.74 VIC.

Vice The Sex Trade - Policing the Streets*. Date: 30.11.1998. Director and Producer: David Nath. Campus EN. Tape No.: 55522408. Code: 306.74 VIC.

Violence in Custody - London Programme*. Date: 29.10.1993. Executive Producer: Trevor Phillips. Researcher: Natalka Znak. Producer and Director: Mike Brennar. Campus EN. Tape No.: 30842. Code: 365.6 LON.

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