jME-TTF - Blurred Text
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You can obtain a texture with blurred text via the BlurText or BlurTextBMP class. For mesh texts, TrueTypeMesh, you'll use the BlurText class and for bitmap texts, TrueTypeBMP, you'll use the BlurTextBMP class:

com.jme3.font.Rectangle textBox = new com.jme3.font.Rectangle(0, 0, 256, 256);
StringContainer sc = new StringContainer(ttf, "Hello World", 0, textBox);

BlurText bt = new BlurText(assetManager, renderMangager, sc,
    5, 1, 2.5f, new ColorRGBA(0.02f, 0.4f, 1, 1));

Texture2D tex = bt.render();

The BlurText constructor takes in the AssetManager, RenderManager, a StringContainer, the number of desired passes, the desired pass offset, an intensity and color. The pass offset can be used to artificially extend the radius of the blur at the cost of quality.
Designed by Adam T. Ryder