About 1337 Gallery
Adam T. Ryder
DOB: Sept. 15, 300,081
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: Around 150 lbs
Hair: Brown
Beard: Red
Location: Earth
I disagree with what the ruling class chooses to do with the power they wield over the population. In an effort to minimize my contribution to the tyranny of the ruling class I choose simply not to work for them. I am not a violent person by any stretch of the imagination and so, aside from voicing my opinion, I do not actively fight against the ruling class, I simply wish not to be a part of whatever they've got going on.

However; I do still enjoy doing things and so I create applications, video games and 3D models, but I do not charge for the fruits of my labor. Charging for my goods would only serve to further enrich the ruling class. The ruling class holds all the money, if I charged for my goods I would effectively be telling all potential consumers of my goods that they could not use them unless they forked over a sum of money, money that they could only obtain by selling themselves in service of the ruling class.

True this has left me without a home and scraping the bottom of dumpsters for food, but I find the alternative, working for the ruling class, far more damaging to both myself and the greater population.

If you'd like to learn more be sure to visit my Philosophy page. If you have questions or concerns regarding anything on 1337 Gallery or if you'd simply like to take a good look at any of my project files, scripts, or anything at all please contact me at tryder@inventati.org.
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