1337 Philosophy

We live in and as part of what we call an ecosystem. This ecosystem is a self sustainable system with a great variety of parts that, as a whole, form a symbiotic relationship. Each component of this ecosystem, and a component could be anything from an earth worm to a volcano, performs some action or actions over the course of its existence that feed the existence of other components. Likewise those other components which feed off of these actions in order to continue their existence perform some action or actions over the course of their existence which, in turn, feed the existence of even more components. These components perform actions and produce things that feed more and more components in a chain of events that ultimately sees every component fed.

The ecosystem is quite complex. It is composed of far more components than we humans know exist and it would be therefore impossible for us to govern that system ourselves for we lack the knowledge of what that system is made of, how it works, how it came to be and for what purpose, if any, that system exists.

Similarly there is the human race which really is an ecosystem within the grander ecosystem. Like the greater ecosystem our race is composed of many different parts each one feeding the input of the others while feeding off of the output of the others. Like the greater ecosystem this system is composed of more components than we know exist. We lack the knowledge of what this system is made of, how it works, how it came to be and for what, if any, purpose it exists. It is therefore impossible for us to govern that system ourselves.

When we look to the greater ecosystem we can see that there is no governing component, each component of the greater ecosystem is autonomous, governing itself. Blue whales travel vast distances vacuuming up plankton because that is what they choose to do with their time and they choose to do it because they like the taste of plankton. That which tells the whale what to do is the whale's own brain, it likes plankton so it spends the day eating plankton.

We can see this behavior in everything that exists. Bees seek out flowers and collect nectar. The bee has no knowledge of the pollination that occurs as a result of their desire to collect nectar, they simply want the nectar and as a result of that desire flowers are able to reproduce and proliferate all over the globe.

There is, however; one, and only one that I am aware of, component that does not exhibit this behavior. We call that component the human race. Humans spend their time trying to impose their will on others, assuming that they know what the others "should" be doing. Many of them believe they know the purpose of their ecosystem more so than any other and so they try to direct their ecosystem into achieving that purpose. Unfortunately for them there are many others who also believe they know the purpose and their idea differs so they try to direct the ecosystem into achieving their ends. Of course this leads to conflict because you cannot direct the ecosystem in so many different directions.

It is of my belief that none of these people really know what the purpose of this ecosystem is and therefore know not where to direct it. Instead, like literally every other component in the universe, all we, as individuals, need concern ourselves with is our own desires.

The lion knows not why the earth worm eats dirt, nor does it need to. The lion likes to hunt and so it hunts and in so doing the lion fulfills its role in the ecosystem without ever knowing what that role is or why it is necessary. The lion does not try to make bees stop collecting nectar and stalk prey instead, if it did so the entire ecosystem would fall apart.

When something needs to be done it needs to be done at the right time, in the right place and in the right way. No one knows when it is right or where it is right or in what way it needs to be accomplished or, like the bee pollinating flowers, that it even needs to be accomplished. Lucky for us we don't need to know, just follow your heart. Do what you love, when and where you love doing it.

Don't do what you hate for the money, don't do what you love when you don't want to do it because of the money. Do what you love on your time because only you, and no other, knows what, where, when and how that is. Those who would lead you astray are fools who would only lead you on a fool's errand.

There are all sorts of people out there with a wide variety of interests. Farmers who raise food to feed software designers. Software designers who create applications for engineers. Engineers who make designs for mechanics and mechanics who design tractors for farmers.

No one tells the farmers to grow food or the mechanic to build and repair machines, they simply do the things they love doing and what they love doing is of benefit to everyone. Trade or a medium of exchange is unnecessary. The farmer shares his passion with the programmer because doing so allows the programmer to share his passion with the engineer who can then share his passion with the mechanic who will then be able to share his passion back to the farmer.

Of course it doesn't stop there. Interests come in all shapes and sizes. Exactly where and how a particular interest fits into the big picture isn't necessarily for us to know. Take the koala bear for instance. Koala bears sleep 16-20 hours a day! They spend the majority of their time just lying around and yet they still have a place in the ecosystem.

Just because one does not understand what it is someone contributes to the ecosystem does not mean they don't contribute. What you don't know makes all the difference because indeed they do contribute and what they contribute is every bit as necessary to the ecosystem as your contribution. No more, no less.

Only a great fool would go about conquering and enslaving. The ecosystem is of great benefit to all, when you hurt part of that ecosystem or prevent part of that ecosystem from performing their duties within that system you hurt the whole system and when you hurt the ecosystem you hurt yourself.

Only a great fool would make everybody poor so he could be rich. Material riches are worthless, what you really need is everybody and you need them happy and healthy so they can continue sharing their passion with the ecosystem, with you.

Currency is a blight upon our existence. Currency only serves to hinder the operation of the ecosystem by granting a few the power to impose their will upon the many. As such very few parts of the ecosystem, if any at all, are able to perform their duties as part of that ecosystem and are instead enslaved to the will of few. The ecosystem breaks down and in its place a feeble mechination with conflicting parts is cobbled together.

Imagine replacing a super computer with a desk calculator, not just any calculator, but one in which an internal struggle ensues between conflicting parts with different thoughts on how best to reach the answer or even what answer would be best suited for their own interests when a calculation is entered. It takes forever to get the result of the calculation, the calculator often breaks down while performing the calculation and the answer returned is usually wrong.

Designed by Adam T. Ryder