A/I provides tools for anonymous communication and sharing. We recommend to use our services along with some specific personal privacy protection tool

All our services are characterized by a peculiar attention to our users’ privacy. That’s why we keep no logs of connections and we don’t record any direct information matching services, identities and users’ names. Furthermore, we warmly support the use of the encryption connection tools we offer to everybody (remember this when you configure your mail client and update your website!).

In order to use the services offered by our network, you have to share the basic principles of anti-fascism, anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-militarism and non-commercial approach on which this project has been founded, as well as a bend for favouring relationship and sharing over pretense and selling. But we hope this much was easy to know if you got this far on our webpage ;))))!

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Which services do A/I provide?

We provide a wide range of communication tools:


The services we offer have no defined price, but as you may easily imagine, keeping the whole system working (i.e. hardware and hosting) is very expensive (at the moment it ranges around 13,000 euro every year).

If you want our services to stay online and our project to survive, it is therefore crucial that every person/group/project using the services offered by this network gives us a yearly donation, according to their possibilities.

The amount of your donation can vary from few euros for a mailbox to 25-50 euros for an ordinary website, up to greater donations if you are a group or a collective using mailboxes and mailing lists (you can organize some fundraising parties, for instance) or if you are simply a person able and willing to contribute with a more meaningful sum.

In any case, we will never pry into your economic affairs, but we do expect some understanding (also because if we don’t get any money, we’ll be forced to shut down the facilities) and some good will.

Please, think about it, and Donate

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