Noblogs: blogs without logs

NoBlogs project stems from the desire of keeping A/I service offer up to date with what the tools of digital communication have become in the last years. We have become aware that most people did not actually need a website, but mostly a place where they can communicate in a simple and direct way.

You can blog whatever content you prefer, provided you comply to the general policy of our servers and the specific policy of our blogging platform. Actually we hope this service will not be used to write your diary (you can also do that, of course, if you want so), but to generate interesting content up to the production of a common independent information, communication, relationship and political initiative space.

Freedom of speech implies a keen eye on privacy and security. We do our best, using free software only, not keeping any log or any of your personal data, and suggesting useful links speaking of blogs and privacy… But this is not enough if you do not do your best, reading the guides we suggest you and taking any possible precautionary measure to ensure your security. We are glad to remind some of these to you all.

Now you can go to and open your blog

Very important: about server security If what you need is just publishing content, we warmly recommend you to opt for a blog on Noblogs rather than for a website with a software like Wordpress installed. This is because software must be regularly updated, whereas with Noblogs there’s no need to do it :)

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