Mailing lists and newsletters

Many ways to carry on an on-line discussion

There are many ways to carry on discussions and debates on the internet: among the most widespread tools for such an activity A/I Collective provides mailing lists and newsletters.

Before proceeding further be sure to have read our policy and remember our project survives solely thanks to our users donations and to the collective members voluntary work!

Mailing lists

A mailing list is basically a list of email addresses to which one wants to deliver messages: a mail is sent to a specific address on our servers and a software delivers it to all the accounts included in the list.

A mailing list can be open to anyone to write (open lists) or limited to subscribed mail addresses, or even to some specific ones (closed lists). Furthermore archives of the list messages can be available on the web for anyone to read (public lists) or limited to those wielding a subscription password (private lists). In any case the messages will be delivered to all those subscribed (ie: included) in the list directly in their mailboxes.

Important warning on privacy: mind that if a list is public, the messages sent through it will end up sooner or later on Google and other search engines, so think carefully where are you sending your emails.

Mailing list are very useful communication and coordination tools especially for projects involving people very far away one from the others. There are no fixed guidelines on how to write on a list but be sure to check out local customs and etiquette.

Some lists have public archives: public list archive.

If you want to open a new public or private list please proceed to our request page.


Keep in mind that if you want a tool to send periodic news around about your or your organization activities you’ll want to ask for a newsletter and not simply for a mailing list. Be sure to check the right option in our form!

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