Carpe Diem
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Humanity has been taken over by artificial intelligences vying for the lion's share of the galaxy! Take control of your faction and stake your claim against up to six AI opponents on thousands upon thousands of randomly generated maps. Build powerful Command Stations to control resources and raise an armada to expand your territory and obliterate your adversaries!

Customize your play experience with a variety of options to control random map generation to your preference. Looking for a quick game to pass the time on the bus? Jack up the resource frequency and lower the map dimensions. Looking for something a bit more challenging? Crank up the difficulty and tick Allied AI to tip the odds in favor of your opponents. Oh and by the way, the AI never cheats!

While a game of Carpe Diem does require the setup and expansion of resource collection and unit production, the focus of the game is largely on tactical combat. The majority of your time in Carpe Diem will be spent commanding units on the offensive or defensive and anticipating which units to build next. There is no technology tree, all players are on equal footing in terms of what units they can field.

  • Requires no permissions.
  • No ads.
  • No trackers.
  • Customizeable random map generator.
  • Control in-game music playback with the music player.
  • Carpe Diem does not collect any user data.


  • Added tooltips to images buttons on desktop platforms.
  • Added Rushjet1 - World 10 Azureflux Remix to the credits.
  • Added links to 1337 Gallery.
  • Fixed button focused font color.
  • Fixed disabled checkbox graphics.
  • Touched up some tutorial messages.
  • Updated to Godot Engine 3.4.4.

  • Added enlarged ATR logo when transitioning to the main menu.

  • Updated to Godot Engine 3.4 which should fix some crashes related to Godot's dangling variant bug.
  • Easy AIs no longer search for tiles with higher defense values when making an initial attack.
  • Hard AIs now search for tiles with higher defense values on initial and subsequent attacks.
  • Per pixel lighting is now enabled on mobile devices.

  • Updated to Godot Engine 3.3.3.
  • Removed reference to missing input action.

  • Updated to Godot Engine 3.3.2.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed a command station to be placed in an area in which it would not have access to stars or asteroids if there were stars and/or asteroids within it's collection range that were already collected by another command station.

  • Added address to the credits.
  • Added ATR splash screen.

  • Fixed a bug that would cause the action button display not to display after losing a player unit that initiated an attack.

  • Updated engine to Godot Engine 3.3 which seems to have resolved some crashes.

  • Improved AI performance.
  • Fixed bug that could cause AI to hang indefinitely when attempting to attack a space station it did not know had already been destroyed.

  • Fixed crash when resuming from pause while a player unit is moving.

  • Additional fixes to movement/attack and movement range indicators.
  • Added station auto heal to tutorial.

  • Fixed fog being displayed when loading maps saved with noFog=true and allVis=false.
  • Fixed engine plume animation.
  • Fixed crash when AI tried to launch ship from surrounded station.
  • Movement/attack range indicator for opposing units should display correctly now.

  • Fixed XHIGH quality engine particles spawning fewer particles than HIGH quality.
  • Lowered amount of particles created when spawning new units on XHIGH quality.
  • Fixed Credits window so it accepts theme changes.
  • Windows and Linux versions are no longer Debug versions of the game.
Designed by Adam T. Ryder