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TEdit is a featured text editor for Android devices. TEdit includes a graphical file browser to make locating existing files and saving new files easy. Additionally TEdit enables you to keep multiple files open simultaneously, simply select the file tabs icon to be presented with a list of currently open documents.

TEdit requires Android version 4 or higher. For Android versions down to 2.0 download TEdit version 1.02 from the archive.


  • Open multiple documents and switch between them with the Tabs view.
  • Search and replace text within your text documents.
  • Use the built-in file browser or an external file manager to open files.
  • Select text directionality, wrap modes and change fonts through the settings menu.
  • Use the local settings menu to make changes to wrap modes, text directinality and fonts for individual text views.
  • Optional line number display.
  • Share files with other apps and devices.
  • Light, dark and black modes.
  • Optional file history, disabled by default.
  • No ads
  • No trackers
  • No unnecessary permissions

**Note for F-Droid Users**
Unfortunately TEdit will no longer receive updates through F-Droid. Updates will still be provided through this website, Google Play and the Amazon App Store. Nothing has changed with TEdit, it is still ad free and tracker free. This change is due to the way I was treated on the F-Droid forum by forum patrons and F-Droid staff. I felt that I was treated very poorly and that some of the staff even exhibited racist behavior. As a result I'd rather not associate with the folks over at F-Droid. The threads in question can be found through the following link, my handle here is Tryder: https://forum.f-droid.org/t/error-when-posting-in-the-forum/14869

In the event the above linked thread has been deleted PDF copies of the threads in question can be downloaded here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MHgvgcJyzBC-NTvYU1OjxzavkY7jKY8D/view?usp=sharing
or here: https://www.inventati.org/1337gallery/F-Droid_Threads.zip
or here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8u5k0tmdlieqiw3/F-Droid_Threads.zip?dl=0
or here: https://1337atr.weebly.com/files/theme/apps/F-Droid_Threads.zip


  • Fixed a bug that caused TEdit to prompt that a file had not been saved when closing through the Tabs sidebar even if the file had been saved.

  • TEdit no longer asks to grant storage read/write permission on Android 10+.

  • System typeface is now applied immediately to the Tabs sidebar when setting the typeface through the settings sidebar.

  • Speed up line number rendering.
  • Reduce length of button text on share prompt for devices with smaller screens.
  • Speed up tabs sidebar loading.

  • Add option to display line numbers.
  • Add ability to share text contents and files to other apps and devices.
  • Move the Tabs view to a sidebar accessible via left swipe.
  • Editor now scrolls quickly and smoothly.
  • Files are now correctly added to document history when an existing file is overwritten.
  • Additional font selections.
  • Add dedicated settings button for those whose preference is against swiping.
  • Disabled swipe actions on editor views when word wrap is disabled.
  • Various bug fixes.

  • Add option to save a history of ten recently accessed files. This option is disabled by default and can be enabled through the global settings menu. History is displayed in the Permitted Directories view accessible via the new star button on the taskbar when in browser views.
  • Added star button to the taskbar in browser views which sends the browser to the Permitted Directories & Recent Documents view or, on older devices, the Recent Documents view if enabled.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the contents of a directory to disappear when tapping the save filename editor in browser views before directory transition animation has finished.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the browser from returning to the Permitted Directories view when the orientation was switched while on that view.

  • Fixed spacing between theme label and theme options in global settings.
  • Cursor color now matches text color for better visibility in dark mode.

  • Added Light, Dark and Black color modes to editor views, selectable through the settings menu.

  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when changing device orientation due to a null view in the font size spinner.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the browser from displaying some supported files if they had no MIME type or their MIME didn't follow the text/* pattern.
  • By request, added the ability to change typeface size in editor views through the settings menu.

  • Fixed crash when tapping a taskbar button before the browser animation is finished when resuming the application.
  • Updated web address.

  • Fixed crash when tapping a taskbar button before the browser animation is finished when switching from Tabs or Editor views.
  • Fixed crash when tapping the save file checkmark button before the browser animation is finished.
  • Removed calls to depricated Resources.getColor(int) method.

  • Added in Gradle Sha256 sum for F-Droid builds.

  • File browser is now compliant with Android 11 storage API security restrictions.
  • TEdit can now only open directories explicitly permitted by the user.
  • Added threading and animation to the file browser when switching directories.
  • Option to move to the parent directory in the file browser when Android's Back action is initiated or close TEdit.
  • File path display in file browsers now properly scrolls to the end of the file path when switching directories.
  • Removed confusing READ ONLY message when sending files to TEdit from other applications.
  • Fixed potential problem when overwriting files on SDCards on some devices.
  • Added option to enable browsing the device's root directory.

  • A new settings menu can be accessed by swiping to the right from the browser or text editor views. Settings local to individual text documents can be accessed by swiping to the right from the text editor view.
  • Default startup directory can be set through the settings menu.
  • Additional fonts have been added and can be selected through the local and global settings menus.
  • Word wrap can be toggled on or off through the local and global settings menus.
  • Text directionality/alignment can be selected through the local and global settings menus.
  • TEdit now prompts to confirm closing a text document when attempting to close a file that has not been saved since last edited.
  • Support for additional file extensions: .config, .bat, .map, .conf, .opt, .rmp
  • Various bug fixes.

  • Fixed a crash on devices in which the external storage state was unmounted or otherwise unreadable.
  • Changed the save as hotkey from ctrl+alt+s to ctrl+shift+s.
  • Added hotkeys to the Editor help dialog.

  • The TEdit browser now allows the user to browse Root, Internal and SDCard storage volumes.
  • The browser will now display files without an extension. Upon selecting one of these files the contents of the file are quickly checked to determine if it is a text or binary file. If the file is determined to be binary the user is prompted as to whether they still want to attempt to open the file.
  • Hotkeys ctrl+s and ctrl+alt+s have been added so users on devices with physical keyboards can quickly save and save as.
  • The text editor now has a search and replace feature allowing users to search for words and phrases and replace those words and phrases with other words and phrases. This feature allows the user to select whether the search results should contain only whole words and/or words that match fully the uppercase/lowercase state of the search phrase.
  • A new coffee shop theme complete with a new logo and icon.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

  • TEdit now makes extensive effort to open and display the contents of files sent to it via an open request from external appliactions sucha as a file manager.
  • TEdit will now display the contents of a file sent to it even if the user denies write permission. TEdit will again ask for write permission upon attempting to save the document.

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent TEdit from opening files sent to it from some external applications.

  • A new icon provided by a Mr. David Mind.
  • TEdit now allows to save files with no extension.
  • TEdit will now prevent a user from moving to a secure parent directory if navigating back to unsecure public storage will become impossible as a result.

  • TEdit now prompts users to grant external storage permissions if they are not already granted.

  • Scroll position is now saved and restored when switching between open files and when navigating away from and returning to the app.
  • The path display when opening or saving a file is now horizontally scrollable when the path is longer than the available display space.

  • Changed the space required to swipe close a text file in the Tabs view from 64 to 24 density independent pixels.
  • Added checks to determine if a file is being opened from protected space and therefore in read-only mode.
  • Added checks to see if an attempt is being made to save a file to protected space.
  • Animations are now hardware accelerated.

  • Fixed a crash when attempting to load TEdit with no available public storage.

Designed by Adam T. Ryder