Neo-nazi rally in Leipzig on 18 March 2017 – they shall not pass!

For the 18th March 2017, the German neo-nazi party “Die Rechte” (“the right wing”) announced a rally in Leipzig-Connewitz, a district which is known as a left-wing and anti-fascist hotspot. We still remember their last attempt on 12th December 2015, when 150 fascists marched through the nearby Südvorstadt district. They failed to carry out their threat to “lay Connewitz in ashes” then, but tried again on 11th January 2016. These attacks are just two reasons to stop the neo-nazis on 18th of March.

Police and local authority restricted the neo-nazi rally to a different route. The new route also starts at the train station “MDR” at 1:30 PM, but goes northwards to the train station “Bayrischer Bahnhof”. The neo-nazis expect 300-400 participants. They filed a lawsuit against the new route, but had no success with it.

Demonstrations and Manifestations of Antifa and Civil Society

  • 9:30-12:00 at Volkshaus (Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 32, 04107 Leipzig): Manifestation of DGB (Confederation of German Trade Unions)
  • 10:00 Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz, 04107 Leipzig: Demonstration by “Leipzig nimmt Platz” (“Leipzig sits down”)
  • 10:00-14:00 at Amtsgericht (local court) Leipzig (Bernhard-Göring-Straße 64, 04275 Leipzig): Manifestation by “Die Partei”
  • 10:30-15:00 at Haus der Demokratie (Bernhard-Göring-Straße 152, 04277 Leipzig): Manifestation by “Die Partei”
  • 11:00-18:00 at Werk 2 (Kochstraße 132, 04277 Leipzig): Manifestation
  • 11:30-18:00 Deutscher Platz, 04103 Leipzig: Manifestation “Mehr als gegen Neonazis!” (More than just against neo-nazis!)
  • 12:30-16:00 at Bayrischer Bahnhof (Bayrischer Platz, 04103 Leipzig): Manifestation ¡No pasarán! by “Leipzig nimmt Platz”
  • 12:30-16:00 at Connewitz Kreuz (Bornaische Straße / Wolfgang-Heinze-Straße, 04277 Leipzig): Manifestation “Nächstenliebe statt Nazis” (“Christian love instead of nazis”)
  • 13:00-20:00 Philip-Rosenthal-Straße, 04103 Leipzig, near Bayrischer Bahnhof: Manifestation by Roter Stern Leipzig
  • 14:00-18:00 at Gerda Taro information board (Straße des 18. Oktober 8a, 04103 Leipzig): Manifestation “For an anti-fascist and solidary city of Leipzig in the sense of Gerda Taro”
  • 18:00-23:59 at central police station (Dimitroffstraße 1, 04107 Leipzig): Manifestation at the day of political prisoners (GG/BO)


  • Twitter Hashtag: #le1803
  • Ticker: and
  • Legal team (“Ermittlungsausschuss”, “EA”): 0341 2119313
  • Paramedics: 0160 1479 112 (In case of emergency, also call 112!)
  • Information hotline: 0175 3760 675
  • Radio (in German): 14:00-16:00 99.2 MHz
  • Weather: 8-12°C, a bit rainy, stormy
  • Map: Aktionskarte #le1803
  • Neo-nazi route: Train station “MDR” → Semmelweisstraße → Straße des 18. Oktober → Train station “Bayrischer Bahnhof”