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Greece – The Time of Refusal

By Right from the start of our national debate over the Greek situation we have been criticizing a two-fold ideological attitude: on one hand that of those uncritically recognizing the “good morning” in Syriza, hoping to export to Italy the successful electoral remedy; on the other hand that of those who, equally uncritically, withdrew into sectarian positions, accusing Tsipras’ [...]

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Baltimore: by any means necessary

[Baltimore, April 28/2015] It is not easy to sum the history of oppression that is being expressed in these days of protests and riots in Baltimore. Such task gets even more difficult when your hands are shaking of anxiety and helplessness, while right outside your window a couple of police officers are arresting a teen and the entire city is [...]

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Riyadh’s toughies in white tunic: an attack to the american shale oil?

The title by which the Financial Times opened its edition last Thursday (January 15, 2015) could absolutely not leave us indifferent. In fact, the financial newspaper proclaimed in huge letters the surprising decision of the oil company Shell to cut the maxi­contract ­ boasting the value of 6.5 billion dollars ­ drawn up with Qatar Petroleum. The reason is not [...]

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“Education, education”: a documentary on university education in China

Tratto da ROARS  Education in China is a lucrative business. But how do you choose the right school  when you’re the first person in your family who can read? Or pay for it when 4 years of schooling costs sixty years of income? What about the “ant-tribe”, the 2 million newly graduated Chinese who, every year, can’t find work? Many [...]

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“An injury to all”: the class struggle is back in Italy

As Renzi’s center-left government intensifies the project of neoliberal restructuring, a wave of self-organized class struggle takes off across Italy. Back in 2006, Warren Buffet, the notorious billionaire speculator, confessed during an interview that: “There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” Since then, that class warfare has been ever [...]

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AAA next Emerson vendesi… – Next Emerson ON SEASON SALES…

A forced smile, pointy shoes, blue blazer, white shirt (sweat spotted already). That’s how we imagine Mr. Dario Nardella, Mayor of Florence, at the international real estate fair in Munich. With his sheaf of papers and photos, he’s trying to place theaters, historic buildings, former industrial sites and other decommissioned areas in Florence in some rich investor’s portfolio. It a [...]

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The double face of Eataly: they eat, we work

The story of Eataly begins in 2007 with the opening of the first store in Turin (Italy), which was interestingly enough built on an old factory site. This new project of ‘artisan food production at reasonable prices’, led by Oscar Farinetti, the former CEO and President of the Italian colossus of electronics retailers UniEuro, has very quickly extended its tentacles [...]

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Marxism(s) in Social Movements. Is Marx Back in Social Theory?

A partire dal prossimo mercoledì (8 ottobre) si apre un interessante e ricco programma di appuntamenti all’Istituto Universitario Europeo di Fiesole, centrati su quella Marx Renaissance ormai sempre più diffusa in molti settori disciplinari diversi. Invitiamo tutti gli interessati a mettersi in contatto con gli organizzatori e a partecipare a questa serie di incontri. Il primo appuntamento si svolgerà, come già [...]

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The national campaign against IKEA in Italy

‘An injury to one is an injury to all’ ‘Take a traditional strike where you wave your flag, or climb a roof in protest… you can spend your entire life there, nothing will change. No more hunger strikes! It is time for the employer to starve! As for us, we suffer enough every day in the work place.
This is not [...]

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International mobilization against IKEA to reinstate 24 fired workers in Piacenza (Italy)

On Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th July 2014, rallies have been organized outside 13 IKEA stores all over Italy. Workers and supporters were there in solidarity with workers at the central warehouse in Piacenza: 24 of them were fired by the IKEA subcontracting company they work for because of their unionization and the struggles they have been conducting since 2012 [...]

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