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Studenti marocchini

Morocco: A call to global solidarity for students’ struggle

The Moroccan student movement in universities and academic institutions (the number of Moroccan students is approximately 800,000, 48% of whom are women) is strongly struggling against the neo-liberal policies, austerity, suppression and tuition fees, which prevent thousands of children of the working class from enrolling in universities. This happens while the Moroccan state carries on its policy of cracking down [...]

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France – From Nuit Debout to Global Revolution Debout

Italian and french version RevolutionDeboutis founded on the initiative of individuals who participate in the work of NuitDebout. It is open to contributions from anyone who needs to tune to the ongoing transition towards a new society, as opposed to the present one. RevolutionDebout is composed of individuals that come from different experiences and it would be impossible to organise [...]

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International call by #NuitDebout: 7-8 May for GlobalDebout in Paris

HERE, Italian version Info TO GATHER IN PARIS ON MAY 7 AND 8 2016 FOR GLOBALDEBOUT MEETING (#GLOBALDEBOUT) THE WEEKEND OF MAY 15, 2016 We call on peoples movements across the world to mobilise for justice and democracy on the weekend of May 15th, 2016 for a GLOBALDEBOUT. We invite you to come to Paris for an International Gathering of movements [...]

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New year, old struggles: the strike for the collective agreement in the logistics sector

That Italy has sunk in a deep economic and political crisis since the spreading of the global recession is by no means a new story. Nor are the effects of the profound reforms of the labor market that have been pushed forward to cut the cost of labor and re-boost economic growth: the precariazation of the labor force through a [...]

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The Global Race to the Bottom

The acute hardship European workers are facing is part of an international process of impoverishment. by Lucia Pradella, Jacobin A construction worker in Catalonia, Spain. Sergi Bernal / Flickr Unemployment has reached unprecedented heights in Western Europe, wages are declining, and attacks on organized labor are intensifying. Nearly a quarter of Western Europe’s population, about 92 million people, was at risk [...]

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For a Europe-wide coordination in the Transport-Logistics sector

In the last decades the concentration process advanced in the transport sector, with the establishment of logistic centres in belts around cities, with hundreds of thousand workers in each major country. In Europe there are more than 10 million workers overall in this sector, of which 5.7 million in land transport, 2.8 million in warehousing and logistics, and 1.75 million [...]

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The following inspirational statement deserves the widest possible circulation. It is from Greek conscripts in 50 units of the Armed Forces. The statement is notable for linking all the current horrors inflicted on workers everywhere to a single cause – the ongoing crisis of the capitalist system. In this crisis, which demands sacrifices in lost and ruined lives, all workers, [...]

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Racism: a weapon of exploiters

” it’s not the race that separates us but social class, your enemy is not the immigrant but the capital ” Italian version here Racism, specifically intended as the ideology that assumes the existence of “superior” and “inferior” races, is now like an old tool limited to small circles of neo-Nazi fanatics. However, the emerging throughout Europe of right-wing extremist [...]

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Factory without society. Around some problems concerning the transnational social strike

→ Italian We would like to contribute to the debate started by Plan C and Angry Workers because we believe it is particularly important for the meeting towards a transnational social strike that will take place in Poznan next October. Of this debate, including the latest comment of Australian Left, we wholly share the necessity of a political analysis which [...]

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Poznan 2015: meeting for european social strike

Austerity is now the new normality in Europe. In these years monetary policies have been used to enforce neo-liberal labour reforms, privatization of the commons, cuts in welfare benefits and less civil rights. European governments and financial institutions use debt and technical parameters as a political tool to play workers and populations against each other, as the blackmail against Greece [...]

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