Who we are

CortocircuitO was born with the aim of working on a central, uncovered issue of antagonistic political struggles: political communication.

Information has effect on the production of truth, defining what is true and what is false.

We are talking about a field that is never neutral, but that has always been the result of the real clash between conflicting interests. The falsely ‘neutral’ mainstream information is a tool for making the reality of ruling class prevail. In contrast, our information, and our political action, is declared party immediately. This is why the only information and analysis that can be actually reliable is the one that goes to talk out problems at their root, thus aiming to change the current state of things: this is why we can call it ‘revolutionary’.

We are aware we are part of a constantly changing and increasingly complex society. Nonetheless, our purpose is to subject reality to a merciless criticism, trying to give us more and more better tools to affect this present.

With our work we want to emphasize every fight or analysis able to advance the movement as a whole. Being hostile to any institution, be it local, national or transnational, whose sole purpose is to maintain the ‘status quo’ – becoming de facto guarantor of the capitalist system -, we place ourselves far from the parish and top-down logic that lead to a weak, divided movement, unable to grow in numbers and strength.

Thus, with this site we launch a new phase of the project CortocircuitO, to respond head-on to every attack of the ruling class and to emphasize in real time – with greater spread – all the struggles that move on the territory of Florence and Tuscany.

If you want to know us better, instead, you can always stop by our assembly, which takes place every week. 

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