Obama, president of the Profit Stars and Stripes

The political representative protecting Apple’s interests, while chairing the board of the wider business community representing the American bourgeoisie, Obama, has sided ‘rightly’ in favour of the economic interests of the ruling class. Mr. President has canceled Samsung’s legal victory over Apple, thus allowing the company Cupertino to continue to nibble away at hours and hours of surplus value by the Chinese workers at Foxconn (portrayed in the picture below while selling their labor power in exchange for a wage), to flood the “global market” (already foreseen by Marx in 1848) of products “designed” in California, but “Made in China”.

It was a blow to those who believed “in law” (which law then? …that of copyright, that is the legalization of a theft of the results of a collective intelligence) or in the primacy of politics over economics! American economic interests were so powerful to be able to be represented by a safe and irrevocable decision: that of the good Barack.

If the judgment was passed, as Android and Windows Phone (operating systems often adopted by Samsung) are, however, American products, stars and stripes national interests would have won, but only minimally: many smart-profits in the previous division of the economics spheres of influence represented by the “judgment” would end up in South Korea, Samsung’s home.

The economic interests of the bitten apple, however, have won brilliantly. By edging to a photo finish and winning the ‘democratic’ sympathies just in time: preventing the smear-profits sentence would be now in force, thus preventing the sale of some i-Goods.

For us there will be no big changes: we can just laugh in seeing an economic system now reduced to unlikely little ways to contend for the smart-profits until the last app, and to manage the i-Presidents as puppets of lego. The real problem is that who pays the price is always the same. The last time an American president, Reagan, came so directly in a similar matter dates back to 1987. This is the same president who would have created the conditions for the construction of these powerful financial tools, today called “derivatives.” At that time it was thought to oppose the tendency of the rate of profit to fall by playing on the contrast of the capital stock. Since 2008 we have known the consequences of those choices: the road is no longer viable. Which other ways will Mr. Capitalism and his various i-Presidents find to keep the bar of profits high enough? We don’t care of the answer: in the meantime we keep on studying, organizing, and making good use of our impatience. There will be the moment where profits will be no longer able to go back, and all the ways to counteract their fall will become impracticable …that will be the most useful moment to put an end to our patience.

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