The R* Plan: a network of resistant communication

R* Plan: a network of resistant communication

The A/I collective is glad to introduce you the R* Plan.

The R* Plan is a tool to develop a network of resistant communication.

Resistant because it has been conceived to prevent as much as possible (but without feeling almighty) breakdowns in the digital communication offered by our facilities.

And resistant also because it is related to the dream of a real political and social conflict that lives on and needs communication tool to spread and flourish.

We are opening this new site because:

Everyone can contribute to the project: if you wish to suggest us any improvements or considerations, write to (using the gpg key you’ll find here would be ideal). But a greater contribution to everybody’s privacy consists in never relying on others for your security: we can offer the safest and most private connections possible, but the greatest security is the one you ensure on your own. That is why we’ll never stop repeating that the safest way to protect your communication privacy is encryption.

If you want to know more about this topic, you can start reading this howto: by spreading secure communication habits, you will most considerably help safeguarding everyone’s privacy, which is a fundamental requirement for opposing total control, and you will also turn our communication networks into an instrument of fight and dissent.

Let’s start the tour:

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October 2005

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