Video Conference and Streaming

In the spring of 2020 Autistici/Inventati started offering a videoconference and a streaming service.

Videoconference: Meet Jitsi

A/I offers VoIP and video conferences on, a videochat platform based on open source software Jitsi Meet.

With Jitsi Meet, you can start a videoconference by connecting to the service with a common browser, without having to install anything in your computer. What you need to do is just open the website (preferably with Chromium), and click the “Go” button to start a videoconference. Once the videoconference has started, you will just need to share the URL with the people you want to talk to.

You can find detailed instructions on Autistici/Inventati’s videoconferencing service in this guide.


Our streaming service can be found at

In the home page, you will find basic instructions on how to use the service, and you can find out what is being currently streamed in the stats page.

You can also find a basic tutorial on how to start a stream on in our tech documentation.

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