A website dedicated to free software

This is my personal website and is dedicated to free software. When I say "software", I use the term in a broad sense (computer programs, documents, images, songs, movies, ... are all different special cases of software). When I say "free", I mean that the important freedoms are granted (and I am not referring to price).

Unlike many other websites, blogs, portals, and so forth, that merely talk about free programs or simply Linux-related topics, this website is dedicated to free software in a different sense: in the sense that it is itself free software. The whole website and all its content is free software: any non-free piece here is considered as a bug and you are encouraged to report it as such (see below to learn how to contact me). Needless to say, you can also point out technical bugs (such as factually incorrect statements, dead links, things that fail to work properly, and so on...).

There is no clear constraint for topics in this website: some parts will talk about free software (especially in a Debian oriented way), some other parts will treat different more or less related subjects (but anyway, is there anything that is not related to free software? I really doubt...).

Getting in touch with me

My name's Francesco Poli and my e-mail address is <>. If you want to contact me, you are encouraged to encrypt your e-mail message in PGP/MIME format: my OpenPGP key id is 3E1C27E11F69BFFE (available from the keyserver network) and its fingerprint is:

$ gpg --keyid-format long --fingerprint 3E1C27E11F69BFFE
pub   4096R/3E1C27E11F69BFFE 2010-12-08
      Key fingerprint = CA01 1147 9CD2 EFDF FB82  3925 3E1C 27E1 1F69 BFFE
uid                          Francesco Poli (wintermute) <>
uid                          Francesco Poli (TuxFamily) <>
sub   4096R/12DFF4B093A5EC02 2010-12-08

In case you knew my old OpenPGP key, you may want to review my transition document.


A big thanks to the Autistici/Inventati Network for kindly hosting this website. Your service is really appreciated: you are great, guys!

This work is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2. It comes with absolutely no warranty. See the license text for details.

Read the change log to see the latest modifications.