Streaming with OBS Studio

To stream on, we recommend you use OBS Studio following these instructions for connecting to the streaming server:

  1. Click “File” -> “Settings”.

  2. Select the “Stream” tab and enter the following settings:

    • Service: Custom…

    • Server: rtmp://

    • Stream Key: the name you want for your stream.

      For example, if you want your stream to be available at the address “", your stream key should be “myawesomebroadcast”.

  3. Finally click “OK”.

  4. Now you can start your stream by clicking the “Start Streaming” button: your stream will be visible at your chosen URL aftes a few seconds.

  5. If you want to check out what is being streamed right now, you can go to:

You can find a more general guide on how to use OBS Studio in the official wiki.

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