Thunderbird Configuration Howto

  1. First of all you need to download and install Mozilla Thunderbird here

Then follow the instructions below

  1. Open Thunderbird and click Edit in the menu bar, then select Account Settings

  1. In the Account Settings window, click on Add Account

  1. When the Account Wizard window appears, click on the circle next to Email account, and then click Next.

  1. Fill in the desired values for Your Name (the name you want to be displayed on all the emails you send out) and Email Address, and then click Ok.

  1. On the Server Information page, click the circle next to POP. In the field next to Incoming Server enter “”. Then click Next.

  2. The Incoming User Name field should have your email address entered. If not insert it into the box and then click Next.

  1. The Account Name box should be filled with your email address. This value is used simply to identify the account, you may leave it as the default or change it if you wish. When the settings are correct, click Next to continue.

  1. Review the information that is displayed. If errors appear, click Back to correct them as shown in the previous steps. When done click Finish.

  1. At the Account Settings screen, in the lefthand window, select the account you’ve just created and click on the plus sign to expand the menu. When the menu is expanded, click on Server Settings, check the box for Use secure connection (SSL) and verify that the Port is listed as “995”.

  1. The same operation should be repeated for the SMTP, the server managing the sending of emails. Click on Outgoing Server in the lefthand window and write “” in in the Server Name window and your email address in the User Name window.Then check the SSL option and verify that the Port is listed as “465”. If you selected the TLS option then the Port option can be listed as “25”.


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