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A new and extraordinary experience, "Municipio dei Beni Comuni" (Free Town Council for Commons), was created in Pisa a few months ago. It is a network of NGOs, students groups and activists that re-opened an abandoned industrial paints factory – "Colorificio Toscano" – and transformed it in a free space for debates and civil society activism. Inside the factory, now called "ex-Colorificio Liberato" (Free ex-industrial paints factory), everyday people discuss about commons, environment, human rights and new forms of democracy.
"Municipio dei Beni Comuni" also supports intercultural dialogues, peace and solidarity among citizens, action against racism and discrimination, ecology, social economy exchanges, organic food, culture, arts and crafts, music and sport. At "ex-Colorificio Liberato" people have free access to a library, a cinema, a gymnasium, NGOs’ offices, workshops for children and adults, and can attend a concert or have a dinner at very low price.

In a time of crisis and recession, which limit social rights and increase unemployment, particularly among young people, what is now happening at "ex-Colorificio Liberato" is a pivot experiment to recover a productive asset dismissed by a multinational corporation and a real opportunity for the city of Pisa. This is the kind of innovation that can contribute to bringing out our society from the crisis through an alternative paradigm, rather than counting on fallacious promises of future economic growth.

In the past century, hundreds of people worked in the factory. In 1998, the multinational corporation J Colors ( acquired it with the brand "Colorificio Toscano" and started to fire employees until it completely ceased its activity in 2008, in order to sell this 14000-m2 space, so that luxury apartments, malls and supermarkets could be realized. Due to market conditions in Italy, today there is no hope to achieve such a speculative plan and the factory, without "Municipio dei Beni Comuni", is destined to become an empty and abandoned place.

In spite of that, three weeks ago J Colors asked police to evacuate "Municipio dei Beni Comuni" from "ex-Colorificio Liberato": the same multinational that closed the factory, now wants to kill social life existing there. Lawyers and intellectuals from all the country criticize such a choice and deny J Colors’ right to act in this way, since an empty factory does not meet constitutional duty to guarantee social function of private property.

"Municipio dei Beni Comuni" must be supported.

Therefore, we ask Town Council of Pisa and public institutions to defend democracy and take any action in order to avoid forced evacuation of "ex-Colorificio Liberato".

"Municipio dei Beni Comuni"'s activities must continue there. For this reason, physically or ideally, on February 16 we march and demonstrate in Pisa against forced evacuation of "ex-Colorificio Liberato".

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