Sosteniamo VIOME

Il Municipio dei Beni Comuni sostiene i lavoratori e le lavoratrici della fabbrica greca VioMe.

contro la volontà di mettere all'asta il terreno su cui si erge la fabbrica sottoscriviamo l'appello internazionale di sostegno. Per aderire scrivere a   Indirizzo e-mail protetto dal bots spam , deve abilitare Javascript per vederlo

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Risoluzione a favore della VIOME 

After being abandoned by the employers, the Factory of VIOME has been operating for nearly 3 years under workers’ control, through self-management by the workers’ assembly. Today, it constitutes internationally an emblematic struggle, which demonstrates that the real response to the crisis that leaves millions in poverty and unemployment is the workers’ emancipation and a productive reconstruction based on society´s initiative and creativity. The workers of VIOME, through the production of natural cleaning products in the premises of the occupied Factory, have proposed a new mode of production that responds to the needs of society, against exploitative labour relations and the drive for endless accumulation of capital.


Unfortunately, despite the promises of a series of governments to legitimise this important example of workers’ self-management, the workers of VIOME are now facing legal procedures that could lead to the liquidation of the factory premises and could threaten the continuation of the factory’s production.

We, the undersigned collectives and individuals, support the struggle of the workers of VIOME for employment, dignity and freedom, against the judicial system that serves blindly the interests of the powerful.

We stand by their side in their decision to defend their productive endeavour by any means possible.

We warn the Greek authorities and the powerful business interests that oppose the VIOME struggle that an attack to VIOME is an attack to all of us.

We demand that the Greek government stops the auction of the VIOME premises and that it offers a definitive solution by expropriating the land and granting it to the workers, on the condition that the factory will keep operating under workers’ control and horizontal decision making.

We state clearly that we will not allow anyone to grab the factory from its legitimate owners, that is, the workers and the wider community. We will support this struggle in every step along the way.

The workers of VIOME will prevail, since they fight for the just cause of dignity and self-determination!

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