Rebelmailer is a secure email program.

It is a specialized email client that supports and forces unplugged, decentralized, cryptographic, anonymous communication.

The main needs Rebelmailer aims to be useful for:

  • anonymity: rebelmailer supports anonymity forcing the use of anonymous remailers, both for receiving (this by giving away only a reply block, not an address) and for sending;
  • cryptography: all the sent messages are ciphered and/or signed;
  • decentralization: integrated support for decentralized mailing lists, with no owners, no central points of failure;
  • unplugged capability: there is no need to stay connected to communicate. you can go to an access point to the network, receive incoming emails, send outgoing emails, go to home, process the new batch of incoming emails, prepare the new batch of outgoing emails, go back to the access point, and so on.

Integrated specialized support for the various operations and good tutorial and reference documentation will be the only mean for existing of Rebelmailer.

General mailing

Contacts database

The contacts database contains a PGP public key associated to a replyblock, a nickname and various options (for example, this person can be banned).

Receiving emails

When you receive an email, depending on your configuration it can be trashed or moved in some folder. Anyway, it is removed from the server.

Configuration can be an usual filter on some headers of the emails or on their body or on the signature of the message.

Sending emails

Mailing Lists

the mailing list is decentralized. it’s like putting all the subscribers in blind carbon-copy, but reply blocks are used instead of the direct email addresses, and subscription / unsubscription is managed automatically.

the system will be based on strong cryptography:

  • for remailing
  • for subscription management (sub, unsub, misc options) and posting (some subscribers may only want to receive / read posts from subscribers)
  • for posting (the message is ciphered for being read by the recipients only)

the mailing list will be managed in a totally horizontal way, and what was in the hands of admins and moderators now is on the hands of the subscribers.

the system will support classical mail-reader interface and web alla-indy interface, among others. the decentralized mailing list have to be able to be an alternative to the web (maybe a DML and a web site can be gatewayted too).


Advanced functionalities

(Unplugged Anonymous) Remailer

(Unplugged Anonymous) File Sharing

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