A public meeting was held on Thursday 14th July about the situation in the San Lorenzo area in Florence. Some seventy people gathered, including people living in the area and around twenty people from Senegal.

After a difficult beginning, a wide-ranging debate started on some problems:

Repression is no solution to this serious and complex problems; it is just a way to make them deeper. What is needed is the grant and extension of social, civil and political rights for Italian and migrant citizens alike.

For these reasons, we invite Italian and migrant people to unite in order to organize:

1. the monitoring, intervention and open denunciation of the lack of health care and of the abuses by the police;

2. public meetings and actions on specific topics (permesso di soggiorno, asylum rights, problems experienced by specific groups of migrants);

3. meetings with representatives of the Consiglio degli immigrati (‘Migrants’ Council) and of the local council;

4. an inquest on different aspects in the area: jobs, housing, trade crisis, relationships among groups of migrants, etc. Starting from San Lorenzo and in relation to the broader city, national and international context.

Next meeting will take place in September

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