We see this scene every day in the centre of Florence: people from Senegal, Morocco, China, are forced to gather quickly their prints and objects and run away from the policemen, vigili and carabinieri in uniform or in civilian dress. When they are caught, they’re offended, threatened, sometimes even beaten up. They’ve been demanding the permesso di soggiorno, the asylum rights and cheaper rents for many years. The Comune and the Questura replied only with false promises and repression…

It’s time to do something!


from 10AM

Demonstration outside the Prefettura – via Cavour

On 12th August, using ‘antiterrorist’ controls as an excuse, police did a roundup in the internet and phone centres run by immigrants in the San Lorenzo area. They literally kidnapped tens of people in the shops for many hours and brought some twenty people to the Questura to put their photographs and fingerprints in the records. A young boy from Morocco was deported to the Detention Centre (CPT) in Bologna: an awful place where he was forced to wear a uniform and from which he was taken at 4.30AM on 14th September and expelled…

It’s time to do something!

1st OCTOBER from 5PM and 2nd OCTOBER from 12AM


Casa del Popolo di Settignano (terminal bus 10, from the train station)

Organized by Centro ‘Carlo Giuliani’

Bush-Blair-Berlusconi’s global war has a front inside each country. Hundreds of immigrants of Islamic background were deported from Italy during the last weeks, after the new so-called ‘antiterrorist’ law was passed. Heavy police roundups took place in many cities, focused on the areas where immigrants live, work and spend their free time. We cannot tolerate these roundups, constant controls and abuses to happen anymore…

It’s time to do something!

3rd December 2005


Called by the Rete Antirazzista and the Comitato Immigrati in Italia

We’re organizing coaches from Firenze. Contact us!

The group is new and has no name yet… but answers to calls to 339.1300058 mobile phone. We meet every Saturday at 5PM to give out leaflets in the San Lorenzo area. Contact us!

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