Thelema Abbey
(Cefalù, Sicily)

From Sicily to Arcady


Photographs of The Abbey of Thelema @ Winter of 1989 E.V.

Front corner of the
Far front corner of Abbey; photographer's back is to the Great Rock which Aleister Crowley enjoyed climbing.

Frater Paulos by the side
Frater Paulos 247 at the side door of the Abbey.

Side of Abbey with the Great
Side of the Abbey with the Great Rock in the background.

Rear of the Abbey, nearly
The rear of the Abbey, nearly buried by the new Italian Telecom development road.

Back corner.
Back corner.

Rear of the Abbey with the
Rear of Abbey with the Great Rock in the background.

Far side entrance to the
Far side entrance to Abbey; same as in the second photograph above.

Frater Paulos standing
Frater Paulos standing before what was once the Abbey of Thelema.

Inside the abandoned Abbey of Thelema

Painting on left corner
In far side door, painting on left corner wall, approximately fifteen inches high.

Stab your demonic smile to
"Stab your demonic smile to my brain/Soak me in Cognac, Cunt and Cocaine."  Below this three close ups.

Close up #1.

Close up #2.

Close up #3.

Right hand wall from
The righthand wall from entering far side door.

Far side door to the
In the far small room; the far side door is seen to the right.  Close up below.

Close up.

Abandoned living quarters.

First hall
First hall entrance; room on far right is first bedroom.

Second hall entrance
Second hall entrance door on far left is to the small room with what remains of the wall paintings.

First hall entrance facing
First hall entrance facing from the door.  Door on left is second bedroom.  Door on right is second hall [entrance].  Door in the middle gives entrance to a small room with washroom #1 off to right inside and with small shed and back door off to the left.

Photographs by Frater Paulos 247
Text by G.M.Kelly
for the
Castle of the Silver Star